Beverly Shores, Indiana



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Welcome to The Town of Beverly Shores, Indiana.

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The History of Beverly Shores

Beverly Shores, An International Dark Sky Community

Beverly Shores, A Bird Town Indiana Community  

Click here to see the NPS plans for Lakeview Plaza. 

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​​​​500 S. Broadway

P.O. Box 38

​Beverly Shores, IN 46301

Phone 219-728-6531

Fax 219-728-6532 or

Beverly Shores Police Department 


​​​​Monday 10am - 3pm

Wednesday 12pm - 5pm

Friday 10am - 3pm

Town Council Meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m.

Please see calendar for additional scheduled meetings.

Photos courtesy of Frank Hardwick and Susan Resteau

Beverly Shores has a Nurse's Closet. Please call 219-728-6531 if you need something. 

Animal on the loose? Call Porter County Animal Control at 219-465-3550

The Town of Beverly Shores now accepts credit card payments for permits, garbage bills, donations, violations, etc.

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