Click here for FAQs about Beach Rules at Indiana National Lakeshore

​​Click here for FAQs about Indiana Dunes National Park entry fee to begin March 31, 2022

In Beverly Shores, Non-Resident Daily Passes are available for parking at Rebora Plaza (at the end of Broadway) for $50. Restrictions and Exclusions apply.

Annual Parking Permits are available for $250 

(quantity is limited)

2022 non-resident permits are sold out

Click here for application. The pass can be purchased through the Clerk's office in the Admin Building during regular business hours. Parking is in designated areas only. All violators will be ticketed and subject to tow.

Welcome to Beverly Shores, Indiana

Here are two websites that can give you information about the local area.

Official Indiana Dunes Website

National Lakeshore – Indiana

Pay your violation here.

Beverly Shores, Indiana

About Parking at the lake shore:

At the Lake, there is parking for the National Lakeshore. Lakeview, Kemil Beach, and Dunbar beach are open with parking lots.

National Park Offers Beach Parking Information Line.

Click here for details.

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